Welcome to WorryStones.ws, your guide to worry stones! Worry stones are smooth, highly polished gemstones. They feature a indention for your thumb and are usually oval in shape. Just rub your thumb on the stone to relieve your stress and worries! Great for nervous and stressful situation to keep idle hands busy. They are easy to carry in your pocket and will bring you a sense of calmness.

Worry stones originated in Ancient Greece and came back to popularity in the 70's. Worry stones are made in several different types of gemstones so you can choose the stone with the best metaphysical energy properties to suit your needs. Or just choose one you like the best!
Black Obsidian Worry StoneBrecciated Jasper Worry StoneGreen Moss Agate Worry Stone
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Obsidian protects by drawing out mental stress and tension and bringing clarity to the mind. It is a truth stone and helps you know who you truly are.Known for its fragmented and angular appearance, brecciated jasper has a nice blend of red to cream colors. This gemstone is known to keep one organized , relaxed, and energized.Moss Agate stones help with self-esteem. It enables you to see beauty and communicate better to get along with others.
Leopard Skin Worry StoneNew Jade Worry StonePicasso Jasper Worry Stone
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Like the skin of a leopard, this gemstone helps you connect with your spirit animal. Use leopard jasper when you need guidance and healing.New jade is a stone of meditation. Carry new jade when you want to find inner peace and find balance in life.Picasso Jasper is a stone about enjoying life. It helpsbring like minded people together to create friendships and renew oldones.
Picture Jasper Worry StonePink Aventurine Worry StoneRaspberry Rhodonite Worry Stone
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Picture Jasper is a stone of awareness and stability. It helps you see hidden thoughts and feelings and brings them to the surface to be released.This color of aventurine is used to boost creativity. Carry pink aventurine to see new opportunities and possibilities.Raspberry Rhodonite has distinctive black streaks. Carry rhodonite to heal the heart and express unconditional love.
Red Goldstone Worry StoneRed Tiger Eye Worry StoneRhodonite Worry Stone
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Goldstone is a stone of ambition. Hold goldstone to improve confidence and positive attitudes.Tiger eye resembles the characteristics of a tiger. Red tiger eye is particularly known to revitalize sex drive and energy.Rhodonite is a stone of compassion. It is a good stone to clear away past emotional scars and heals emotional shock. Promotes self-love and forgiveness.
Rose Quartz Worry StoneSodalite Worry StoneTiger Iron Worry Stone
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Rose Quartz is the love stone. Use this stone to promote love and harmony in relationships. Sodalite is a claming stone. It helps with rational thinking, self-trust, and truthful feelings.Tiger iron features a blend of tiger eye, jasper, and hematite. Carry tiger iron to improve stamina, health, and strength.
Unakite Worry Stone
Price: $7.95
Unakite is about growing together. Like the red jasper and green epidote bonding, carry unakite to improve bonding and personal growth.
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